4 questions that will help you decide whether to use blinds or curtains.

Should I use blinds or curtains?

We hear this a lot of times and for good reason.

Not long ago, curtains may have been more popular for residential units mainly because of its availability, price range, design and color options. Blinds, on the other hand, were commonly used in offices and business establishments like restaurants and banks.

After the introduction of “Korean-made window blinds”, the popularity of blinds has been catching up with that of curtains.

So when should one use curtains or blinds? We have prepared these guidelines to help you finally make that decision:

1. What is the main reason why you want to put window treatments?

Is it for privacy, beautification or just to block the sun’s rays?

Both blinds and curtains have different styles and types that can block the sun depending on the level you prefer. From the “see-through type” to the blackout designs, curtains and blinds surely got you covered.

Blinds and curtains also provide high levels of privacy. The only consideration for non-vertical blinds is the “gap” between two or more connecting panels. This usually happens when one panel of blinds cannot cover the whole area due to the size or the design of the door or window. Although in most cases these gaps do not affect privacy because of a certain method that we use, it may still be something you need to be aware of.

Notice the
Notice the “space” or gaps between the panels of blinds as shown in the picture. If one panel cannot accommodate the whole window or door, gaps are inevitable for combi or roll up blinds.

The main difference between blinds and curtains will be their “look”. Because of how they are designed, their appearance is where they vary the most.There are those who still want the looks of curtains, while there are also others who prefer the “neat” appearance of blinds.

combi blinds

2. What are the types and designs of the windows or doors you want to cover?

Generally, there are shapes and designs of windows or doors that are not advisable for blinds. Curtains, on the other hand, are more flexible because they don’t have moving mechanisms including upper and lower tubes or frames.

We cannot put regular blinds in a triangular window because the upper area is much narrower than the lower area of the window. Curtains may be used in this type of window but it may also be challenging install.

photo credits: sobakoved.info

3. What is your working budget? How much are you willing to spend on your window treatments?

Usually, this is the first one people consider. It may become a bit tricky nowadays because both blinds and curtains have expensive and affordable variants. But still knowing your budget helps you focus more on other factors to consider. 

Just like many product in the market, the price of both blinds and curtains is usually related to the quality of the product. 

We often hear that blinds are more expensive, but curtains can also cost you more because you need two or three sets of curtains while you need only one set for blinds.

4. Are maintenance and usage going to be a factor?

Changing and washing of curtains every now and then is a must while blinds are more permanent but also need diligence and care for it to last long.

We have clients who owns transient houses, resorts, and hotels. They prefer blinds over curtains to avoid the changing of curtains and the laundry expense, but they are vigilant about how their guests use and care for the blinds.

There are some institutions for children who prefer curtains because the kids might play with the string of the blinds which may result in damaging the blinds and or hurting the kids.

So there you have it,  some of the guidelines that can help you decide whether to use blinds or curtains for your homes and offices. Although either will work in most cases for most people, it will all boil down to the factors that you prioritize. 

If making the decision is still challenging for you, we still recommend talking and making consultation with your trusted supplier. They are more experienced if not experts anyway, so it is wise to capitalize on their knowledge.

By the way, we at WIN BLINDS, are more than happy to help you with any concerns you have regarding window treatments. Send us a message or contact us any time.

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