Combi Blinds

Combi blinds, also known as dual shade blinds, is the most preferred type of window blinds nowadays. Its beauty and functionality come from alternating horizontal solid fabric and net parts that allow you to control the amount of light that can penetrate. Different designs, colors, and types are available. 

Available Designs

Combi blinds

Basic Combi

Plain and minimalist design.

Available colors:

mocha, white, ivory, peach, m.taupe, mustard, brown, caramel, taupe, grey, black, dark green, blue, pink, red, chocolate, dark grey, yellow, ice blue, dark blue, orange, purple


Our bestseller! With elegant wood-look design.

Available colors:

Khaki, white, n.white, sand, n.beige, n.peach, n.cherry, cherry, brown, light green, nile, coffee, choco, ashtree, grey, stone, navy, black, light blue, sky blue, turquiose, pink, lilac, wine

3-color woodlook

Woodlook design but with a three-color combination fabric.

Available colors:


dark green-light green-ivory,



Brick-like design

Available colors:

Cherry, Brown, Chocolate


Alternating cube fabric and net parts

Available colors:

Beige, Dark brown, Wine 

Black out

For those who want minimal light penetration

Available Colors:

White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Taupe, Brown, Chocolate, Charcoal, ivory, Grey, Cacao, Choco, Sand, Beige, Coconut

our service

Fast delivery

Installation and delivery within seven working days after ordering. We might need more time for big bulk orders.

item inspection

Items are inspected in the factory before delivery. Our installation team also does follow up inspection and testing during and after installation.


We make sure that our product is in great condition when it is delivered and installed or we replace it. We give up to five years warranty on mechanisms but the textile itself is not covered by warranty.