Roll Blinds

Roll Blinds. Classic yet elegant.  Its simplicity and easy-to-use feature make this the top choice of people who look for simplicity and functionality. It can be matched and used in almost any setting. With its wide array of styles, designs and colors to choose from, you will easily find one or two that will suit your taste.

Roll blinds variants

Light filtering

Filters light and helps lessen the sun’s glare. Different types of translucent blinds offer various levels of privacy. Highly versatile and can be used almost anywhere.


Highly effective in protecting you and your loved ones from the sun’s glare while offering different levels of privacy. Available in variants that allow 1%, 3% and 5% of the sun’s rays to penetrate. Usually used in offices and other commercial and public establishments.


Blocks sunlight from penetrating.  Ideal for spaces that require darkness and  increased levels of privacy. Usually used in bedrooms, entertainment rooms and places that are directly hit by the sun’s rays.

our service

Fast delivery

Delivery and installation within seven working days after ordering for most of our products. We might need more time for big volumes, though.

item inspection

Items are carefully inspected in the factory before delivery. Our installation team makes follow up inspection and testing during and after installation.


We make sure that our product is in great condition when it is delivered and installed or we replace it. We give up to five years warranty on mechanisms.